Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Pub Day, Electa Rome Parks - latest title, THE STALKER CHRONICLES

Fellow GA Peach Author, Electa Rome Parks, has a new book coming out today! This main character, Pilar, makes the character Alex, in Fatal Attraction, look like she's a psycho rookie. If you're looking for a great read from an author who can bring it, check this one out!! The Stalker Chronicles, the sequel to Diary of a Stalker, is a must read!
Amazon link - The Stalker Chronicles

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome to Peach Diva D.L. Sparks - Our Newest Official Member

We are very happy to welcome our newest GA Peach member - author D.L. Sparks. We received many author requests to be considered as a Peach Diva, and though it was a tough choice, after much discussion we chose D.L. based upon her passion and enthusiasm for the business, her ability to reach out to her readers with her video blogs and social media updates, and also her blossoming future as an author.
Her fast paced suspense novel, THE LIES THAT BIND, exploded onto the scene and landed promptly on the best sellers list of Black Expressions magazine for countless months and has been embraced by readers as far away as London and France. Ms. Sparks has been voted one of the Top 25 Most Influential Black Fiction Writers on Twitter by The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog. She's a contributing writer to Rag ‘N Riches Magazine where she was blessed to grace the cover of their 2010 Culture edition. She also runs a relationship column Sex In The Peach geared towards the dating divas in the Atlanta area. Her newest novel BETWEEN FRIENDS was released January 2012 to a great response from readers everywhere.

Welcome D.L. - let's get peachy with it!

Please click on D.L.'s photo to the right to be directed to her website

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Stalker Chronicles by GA Peach author, Electa Rome Parks

The wait is over! Read the prologue to The Stalker Chronicles by Electa Rome Parks. The highly anticipated sequel to Diary of a Stalker is in stores now.

"Ms. Parks had me wondering for a moment how a sane person could write such a perfect and disturbing character." - Literary Wonders


            It was getting easier and easier now.
            She moved quickly and efficiently throughout the spacious three-car garage. She wanted to remove any traces of evidence that she had ever been there. She had always been good at simply disappearing and being invisible. That was easy.
She was definitely more confident, and it showed in her cool, calm, and collected demeanor. She was no longer afraid of being caught, because the urge to punish those who had hurt her was stronger, much more overwhelming, and urgent. She probably couldn’t stop herself even if she wanted to---she was operating on pure animal instinct. The need to survive and protect herself by any means necessary overrode anything else. Fight or flight. And she had long been tired of running.
There had been others over the years, more than she could count on one hand. They were mere vague gray memories that occasionally crossed her mind, like one might think of a stray pet one owned as a child, but she dismissed the images just as quickly. She never held on to them for more than a few fleeting moments in time. Denial was her refuge.
            Only one had successfully escaped her sharp talons and womanly wiles. Or had he? Maybe she let him get away, just that one time. She hadn’t determined which. Sometimes she thought of him, when her mind wasn’t a jumble of darkness, discontent, and madness. There were moments. . . .
She missed him, yearned for his special touch, the touch that only he could deliver with precision and skill. His touch brought heat and desire. His lies brought pain and sorrow. She hated that he escaped her grasp, or that possibly she let him walk away, unscathed. She still considered him her soul mate, the one who made her complete and safe and sound. She yearned to feel complete, because most days she realized she was broken and damaged beyond repair. However, she couldn’t think of that one just yet. Not now. That would come later. The strenuous act of positioning this one just right was over. Now she had serious, delicate cleanup work to complete. Within seconds, that one, the one who got away, was pushed to the dark, cold recesses of her mind. Forgotten . . . for now.
            It was painstakingly slow work because everything had to be absolutely perfect. She had observed and respected what a perfectionist he was. He thrived on it. She softly snickered to herself and had to catch herself before it became an all-out rambunctious laugh. He didn’t look too perfect right now, slumped behind the steering wheel of his black BMW like a deflated, tossed-aside bag of rags and bones. Another snicker escaped. She tightly clamped her gloved hand down over her mouth to stop it, to keep it from spilling forth.
            When he was discovered—hopefully, within a day or two—she wanted him to appear perfect in death. That was the least she could do, because she honestly felt she owed him that much. With a gloved hand, she carefully took the typewritten note out of his jacket pocket, typed from the personal computer in his home office, and gently placed it next to him on the soft leather passenger seat of his car. Laughter escaped freely and drifted into the still air.
            She took one last hopeful look at him and placed a single kiss on his left cheek. She wanted to remember him at peace. Happy. So handsome. She sighed before she carefully closed the driver’s side car door. Then she continued to wipe down any surface she might have touched that bore her prints. She was patient as perspiration dotted her forehead. From her experiences, she knew that patience was a virtue.
            She dreamily thought, We could have been so deliriously happy together. They always fucked things up. Always. She hadn’t met a man yet who didn’t. It was never a matter of if, but when. If only he hadn’t started to question or doubt her because of that damn movie, Diary of a Stalker, which had been released a month earlier and was a blockbuster success. Everyone was talking about it; already there was talk of Oscar nominations for best actress and best actor. She couldn’t escape it, no matter where she turned or what it signified for her.
            No, you didn’t reject me and attempt to walk away, without a backward glance, she thought. How dare he? She didn’t do well with rejection. Never had. Never would. She chuckled to herself, thinking the joke was definitely on him. If he were alive, he would probably appreciate the joke as well. She had decided years ago that no one, especially not a man, would ever hurt her again. Never again. So far, she hadn’t broken her promise to herself, nor did she have any intentions to going forward.
            She exited the beautiful, spacious home that screamed quiet elegance, luxury, and money. She let herself out and quietly disappeared into the night, under the cover of darkness. She craved the darkness for its mystery and power. She whistled a happy tune to herself as she walked away. No worries. No rush. She was lost in her own demented world. Enter at your own risk.
            She reminisced about a man—a beautiful, tall, dark, and very sexy man with deep dimples and gorgeous teeth, a man she couldn’t wait to be reunited with. Her body craved him, and she could hardly contain her excitement and joy at just the mere thought of being in his presence again. It had been too long. As for the one in the garage, with the car engine running and the towel stuffed in the exhaust system, he had already slipped her mind, before his body was even cold and stiff. Her last thoughts of him were that when they found him, she hoped he would look perfect. She knew he would want it that way. After all, that was the least she could do. She hummed a lively tune and strolled off into the darkness.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Electa Rome Parks The Stalker Chronicles Releases in Two Weeks

The Stalker Chronicles Cover
COMING SOON -- Feb. 2012

Tall, dark, and handsome bestselling male author Xavier Preston thought his nightmare -- in the form of Pilar, a fanatical stalker/fan -- had finally ended. Little does he know it's only beginning.
When Xavier met Pilar, he got much more than he bargained for. What started out as an erotic one-night stand quickly turned into a dangerous game of obsession and pain, with both parties playing to win. Then she simply disappeared.
Stunning Pilar hasn't gone away, though. In fact, she has been very near, watching his every move and patiently waiting for him to realize they were meant to be together forever. She still believes they’re soul mates, and the only option for her is “Until death do us part.” If she can't have Xavier, then no one can. Now no one is safe—not his friends, and definitely not him.
Revenge can be a real killer.
Visit http://www.electaromeparks.com/ to learn more about Peach Electa’s new explosive novel!