Friday, May 4, 2012

A New Novel From Gail McFarland

Doing B I G Things

Ever wonder if nonmedicated menopause was a justifiable defense for murder?

Loi Cramer has gone from rags to riches and has the stories to prove it, but nobody is more surprised than she is when fate, a cheating husband, and a false friend conspire to take her back to rags.
When Loi's wealthy husband is found dead, Loi is devastated. And if that's not enough, she finds herself penniless! Without much more than the clothes on her back, Loi has to make a way for herself. Survival takes priority because a woman has got to keep body and soul together, but Loi knows you should never waste time sweating the small stuff when you could be doing big things.

Besides, revenge is a bitch.