Sunday, October 28, 2012

GA Peach Author Marissa Monteilh's latest, TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY

Please check out my latest ebook novella, TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY, which I started writing for the A Chapter A Month website, and recently finished. It is the story of best friends, Raven Singletary and Valerie Boss. Raven suddenly announces that she's engaged to Valerie's son, Marquis. Angry and hurt, Valerie doesn't dare take the news lying down, at least not alone anyway. She decides to flip the script by dating Raven's playboy father, Stanley. It's the ultimate in backstabbing. Is turnabout really fair play? It is dra-ma! The ending surprised even me!

TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY is available now for only $4.99 - please click here: or

And please post a review if you can - I'd really appreciate it!



Friday, October 26, 2012

A Little Celebration

Hi All,
Gail here.  I'm celebrating my birthday this week, and while that alone is cause for celebration and the pleasurable eating of lots of red velvet cake, I want to share the blessing.  Before you call me vain, just know that in my life outside of books, I am a Wellness / Fitness Specialist, and I take the business of health very seriously.  On that note, I want to share the gift of health.  Come join me on Sunday, November 4th at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  I will be there, participating in the Kiss Diabetes Goodbye event, taking blood pressure readings. 
The event will be held in the Multi-purpose Room of the church (directly behind the main sanctuary).   The address is:
 6400 Woodrow Road
 Lithonia, GA 30038

This event is a wonderful opportunity to get to know not only your b/p, but your cholesterol and Body Mass Index (bmi) numbers.  Other information, like AIDS testing and a wide range of other screenings and support activities including diet and exercise, will also be available.  Free and open to the community, this is a great chance to get to know your numbers.
And to say Happy Birthday to me!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

With a beautiful wave of her beautiful hand, she has gone home!

Our hearts are heavy, as well as the hearts of so many others. We awoke on the morning of 10/6/12 to news that our beloved GA Peach Author Dee Stewart, a.k.a. Miranda Parker, passed away. We knew Dee had serious health issues, but she purged on and stayed busy and showed up and helped out. We just knew she'd beat this because she convinced us of that. She'd resigned as a GA Peach last year because of her health, but she was our guest author 1 month ago in Decatur - we had no idea that was the last time we'd see her. A further reminder of how very short life is. She will always be our GA Peach! So positive and so strong, so sweet and so beautiful! WE LOVE YOU, DEE - and will miss you dearly. Life well lived - on angel's wings you are!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, October 5, 2012

Heading To The Atlanta Black Theatre Festival!

Wow!  Always exciting to be a part of the first anything, but this time, the GA Peach Authors are taking their words to a place where every breath, scene, and phrase matters.  We're sitting with writers, readers, actors, and other visionaries -- August Company, indeed, and we're doing it at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival!
Just in case you haven't heard, Jean Holloway, Gail McFarland, Marissa Monteilh, and Electa Rome Parks are bringing their words, skills, and imagination to the party on Saturday, October 6.  Featured in a FREE 2pm workshop, Jean will talk about "Setting," because every good story has to happen somewhere.  Gail will discuss "Dialogue," because conversation rocks a story.  Marissa will share specifics on  "Point of View," mostly because everybody has one, and fabulous stories are always based in opinion.  Electa will define characterization and how to make your characters memorable.
The Atlanta Black Theatre Festival will be held at the Loew's Hotel in midtown Atlanta (1065 Peachtree Street, NW), and we'd love to see you there!  For more details, visit the event webite at:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Upping Our Game At The Atlanta Black Theatre Festival

The GA Peach Authors are counting down the days to the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival!  The news is out and we are anticipating an amazing time at the midtown Loew's Hotel this weekend.  The buzz is big, so we are also looking forward to great attendance with lots of traffic -- but you can still go to the event website to sign up for our FREE workshop on Saturday, October 6.  We're going to beak down the skills that it takes to bring drama, suspense, and romance to life, and we might even tell you how to do somebody in (only on the page, please).

This is perfect celebration and networking opportunity for actors, directors, authors, and students of all ages.  The event will offer more than 8 staged readings, 9 authors speaking, 6 workshops, 2 parties, a gala celebration, and a huge youth showcase with 26 of the most talented young people in the city of Atlanta.  We strongly suggest that you don't want to be left out -- be sure to bring lots of friends and family to enjoy the fun and excitement. 

The goal is that you have a fantastic experience at the inaugural Atlanta Black Theatre Festival and come back year after year!
Visit the website today: