Monday, February 25, 2013

Country Living and Deadly Sins

The end of last year I moved to the country (really, there are cows, deer, horses, rabbits and raccoons!)
We (hubby & I) downsized  and believe me, that is no easy task, but I swear I'll never move again.

I've also been busy with the President's Day release of PHE Ink's second anthology, "Deadly Sins." This time I edited the entire book which was a daunting task, even though it did appeal to my OCD. I think I've found my niche and I'm very proud of the results. "Deadly Sins" is a political anthology that gives you several stories of a man so determined to become President that he'll do anything to insure his win. And when I say anything,'ll just have to read it and see.

I'd like to invite you to join PHE Ink - Writing Solutions Firm as we celebrate its 4th Birthday. It’s our birthday, but you receive the gifts. For the entire month of March, we’re giving away a title a day.

Winners will be picked from our mailing list. We will announced them
weekly on the website and social networking sites. To join our mailing list, please go to

I now have a short break before I hit the road with my literary sisters for the "Peaches in Paradise" event at the Unity Festival, March 16th in Gulfport/Biloxi, MS.

Hope to meet you there!