Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nobody told me!

When you write "The End" at the bottom of your manuscript, don't mistakenly think your job as an author is done. Believe me, it's just beginning. As a late-bloomer, my early retirement started a whole new career, not only in writing, but also in marketing and promotion. I quickly became tired of the travel, but to interact with my readers is an experience like no other. Each one is a blessing I would never have received if not for my novels.

Take this weekend: Early Friday morning, I fly to St. Louis for the Fall Into Books Literary Conference, Saint Louis University Busch Student Center
20 N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63156

My Peach Sis, Marissa Monteilh and my business partner, T.L. James are appearing there, too. I'm excited! Then I fly home Saturday night & Sunday afternoon, I'll be with all my GA Peaches at theV-103 Sip ‘n’ Sign @ For Sisters Only from 12-2p.
GA World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International
Atlanta, GA 30313

Well, it's time to pack (mostly books ;o) 
Hope to meet you in St. Louis or Atlanta and have a blessed weekend.

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