Sunday, September 2, 2012

Peaches and Passion: Always In Fashion

Okay, so you know we were at the Decatur Book Festival yesterday.  And if you've ever had the chance to chat, sip, sign, dine or FB with any of us, you know we had a good time.  But with a little help from our friends, The GA Peach Authors took their title of The Housewives of Literature: Atlanta to a whole new level on their Saturday panel.  As my mother would say, "this was just a whole 'nother other!"
Yes, we brought the words, the stories, and the sass -- and we made it look GOOD!  With guest author Miranda Parker, we strutted the stilettos and flashed the fluttering lashes, but the best thing we did was to meet the readers.  Thanks to sensational Decatur City Councilwoman, Kiesha Cunningham, for moderating and helping us to bring the heat.  And a special thanks is due to all of the great staff and DBF volunteers for making us so welcome that we could make the rest look easy.  It was great fun!

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